M-984-02S даташит PDF электронных компонентов

M-984-02S функция - Special Information Tone Detector - Clare Inc.

Номер произв M-984-02S
Описание Special Information Tone Detector
Производители Clare Inc. 
логотип Clare  Inc. логотип 
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M-984-02S Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Detects single-frequency tones used for error
indication and call progress in telephone systems
Provides detection windows for:
400/425 Hz (Call Progress)
950 Hz (Special and error indication)
1400 Hz (Special and error indication)
1800 Hz (Special and error indication)
Separate tri-state outputs for each tone window
Inexpensive 3.58 MHz crystal time base
Auxiliary 3.58 MHz clock output
14-pin DIP package and 16-pin SOIC package
Single supply 3 to 5 volt (low power CMOS)
Wide dynamic range (30 dBm)
Automatic dialers
Telecom test equipment
Telephone traffic measurement,
Service evaluation
Billing equipment
Pin Diagram
Special Information Tone Detector
The M-984-02 Special Information Tone Detector is a
monolithic integrated circuit designed to provide reli-
able detection of many common telephone network
status signals. In particular, it detects the signals
known as Special Information Tones (SITs) or error
tones as defined by the CCITT, and single tones often
used as dial tone, audible ringing, and other general
progress indications. The M-984-02 uses CMOS
switched capacitor filters and a crystal time base to
achieve the high stability and accuracy specified. Each
tone detection window has an associated output pin,
which can be placed in a high impedance state for use
with time-share microcomputer bus applications.
In comparison with the earlier M-984, the M-984-02
has wider acceptance bands for SIT tones to facilitate
reception of tape-loop tones, lower power consump-
tion at 5V operation, 3V operation, superior tempera-
ture performance, lower cost, and is available in DIP,
SOIC, and SOIC tape and reel versions.
Ordering Information
Part #
14-pin plastic DIP
16-pin plastic, SOIC
16-pin SOIC, Tape and Reel
Block Diagram

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