M-986-1R2P даташит PDF электронных компонентов

M-986-1R2P функция - MFC Transceivers - Clare Inc.

Номер произв M-986-1R2P
Описание MFC Transceivers
Производители Clare Inc. 
логотип Clare  Inc. логотип 
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M-986-1R2P Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Direct A-Law PCM digital input
2.048 Mb/s clocking
Programmable forward/backward mode
Programmable compelled/direct control
Operates with standard codecs for analog
Microprocessor read/write interface
Binary or 2-of-6 data formats
Single- or dual-channel versions
5 volt power
Test equipment
Trunk adapters
Paging terminals
Traffic recorders
Pin Assignments
Block Diagram
MFC Transceivers
The M-986-1R2 and -2R2 MFC Transceivers contain
all the logic necessary to transmit and receive CCITT
R2F (forward) and R2B (backward) multifrequency
signals on one 40-pin integrated circuit (IC). M-986-
1R2 is a single-channel version; M-986-2R2 provides
two channels. R1 single and dual multifrequency
transceivers are also available as M-986-1R1 and -
Operating with a 20.48 MHz crystal, the M-986 is
capable of providing a direct digital interface to an A-
law-encoded PCM digital input. Each channel can be
connected to an analog source using a coder-decoder
(codec) as shown in the Block Diagram below.
The M-986 can be configured by the customer to
operate with the transmitter and receiver either cou-
pled together or independently, allowing it to handle a
compelled cycle automatically or via command from
the host processor. For the R2 versions of the M-986,
A-law is used for coding/decoding. The M-986 is con-
figured and controlled through an integral coprocessor
Ordering Information
Part #
40-pin plastic DIP, Single Channel
44-pin PLCC, Single Channel
40-pin plastic DIP, Dual Channel
44-pin PLCC, Dual Channel

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