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B03B-XASK-1N функция - Connector - JST

Номер произв B03B-XASK-1N
Описание Connector
Производители JST 
логотип JST логотип 
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B03B-XASK-1N Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
(.098") pitch
Disconnectable Crimp style connectors
Emboss Tape Radial Tape
Features ––––––––––––––––––––––––
• Locking device
The housing has a locking device to securely hold the header,
preventing accidental disconnection because of external forces
that might result from the routing of wires during assembly
process or of vibration.
• Solder crack preventive material
Header wafer is made of glass-filled PA66 nylon thus effective
against the solder crack problem.
• Low insertion force
Header pins are round and reflow-treated, which provides low
insertion force.
• Insertion guide mechanism
Header has housing insertion guides for easy and secure
• Applicable to automatic board mounting
Radial taped or stick-mounted headers are also available for
automatic component insertion machine.
• Polarizing boss
Headers with polarizing bosses are also available.
Specifications –––––––––––––––––––
• Current rating: 3A AC DC (AWG#20)
• Voltage rating: 250V AC DC
• Temperature range: -25˚C to +85˚C
(including temperature rise in applying
electrical current)
• Contact resistance: Initial value/10m max.
After environmental testing/20m max.
• Insulation resistance: 1,000M min.
• Withstanding voltage: 1,000V AC/minute
• Applicable wire: AWG #28 to #20
• Applicable PC board thickness: 1.6mm (.063")
* Contact JST if Lead-Free product is required.
* Refer to "General Instruction and Notice when using
Terminals and Connectors" at the end of this catalog.
* Contact JST for details.
0 Recognized E60389
1Certified LR20812

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