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Номер произв H-CSP12F
Описание Subwoofer
Производители Hyundai
логотип Hyundai логотип 


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H-CSP12F Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
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Instruction manual

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H-CSP12F Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
The set of subwoofer includes:
- subwoofer
Important safeguards
· The owner s manual contains important operating and maintenance instructions for your safety. It is necessary to refer the manual.
· Do not install the subwoofer where it may be subjected to excessive heat moisture, dust or where it will be kicked repeatedly, brushed or bumped.
· Make absolutely sure that the terminals for the subwoofer are connected to the proper outputs from the music source.
· Never run the wiring on the outside of the vehicle or under it where it can be damaged by road hazards or the moving parts of the vehicle. Use existing
wire channels, sills, panels and molding strips inside the vehicle to hide the wiring for safety and a neat appliance.
· Do not continuously use the subwoofer system beyond the nominal power handling capacity.
· Keep recorded tapes, watches, and personal credit cards using magnetic coding away from the subwoofer to protect them from damage caused by the
magnets in the subwoofer.
· If you cannot find the appropriate mounting location, consult your car dealer or your nearest dealer before mounting.
CAUTION: Take extreme caution when working near the gas tank, gas lines, brake or hydraulic lines and electrical wiring.

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H-CSP12F Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Mounting the subwoofer
Installation kits are available from your dealer or local stereo shop to help make your installation easy. These kits also give your installation a clean, custom
appearance. Questions about installations methods please consult a professional auto sound dealer/installer for assistance.
· Choose the place of installation for the subwoofer. For most subwoofers stipulated regular places in the automobile approach. In this case you need to
know only assembly depth. Before installation the subwoofer check up its assembly depth.
· Clean any metal shavings from the mounting area and check for areas in which water may enter the subwoofer cavity. Treat the area for water protection
when necessary.
If unit fails to operate properly
· Carefully read the instruction to make sure the unit is being operated properly. Check the following before you take your unit to the local dealer for
No sound
The volume control regulator set in the Adjust sound level
minimal position
Unnatural sound
The audio cassette receiver is damaged
Acoustic system cables are connected
without observance of polarity (+ or -)
Damage speaker wire or speaker
The audio cassette receiver is damaged
Take your unit to the local dealer for repair
Check to see that all the power and speaker leads
are securely connected
Replace the speaker or speaker wires
Take your unit to the local dealer for repair
NOTE: Good ground connections eliminate most electrical noise problems and require tight contact with the metal vehicle chassis. Remove plastics, paint or
rust for good electrical contact.

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