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Спецификация RMCF371 изготовлена ​​​​«International Rectifier» и имеет функцию, называемую «Sensorless Motor Control IC».

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Номер произв RMCF371
Описание Sensorless Motor Control IC
Производители International Rectifier
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RMCF371 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Outline Sheet No. 11-03-06
Sensorless Motor Control IC for Appliances
„ MCETM (Motion Control Engine) - Hardware based
computation engine for high efficiency sinusoidal
sensorless control of permanent magnet AC motor
„ Supports both interior and surface permanent
magnet motors
„ Built-in hardware peripheral for single shunt
current feedback reconstruction
„ No external current or voltage sensing operational
amplifier required
„ Three/two-phase Space Vector PWM
„ Analog output (PWM)
„ Embedded 8-bit high speed microcontroller (8051)
for flexible I/O and man-machine control
„ JTAG programming port for emulation/debugger
„ Serial communication interface (UART)
„ I2C/SPI serial interface
„ Watchdog timer with independent analog clock
„ Three general purpose timers/counters
„ Two special timers: periodic timer, capture timer
„ External EEPROM and internal RAM facilitate
debugging and code development
„ Pin compatible with IRMCK371, OTP-ROM version
„ 1.8V/3.3V CMOS
Product Summary
Maximum crystal frequency
60 MHz
Maximum internal clock (SYSCLK) frequency 128MHz
Sensorless control computation time
MCETM computation data range
11 μsec typ
16 bit signed
Program RAM loaded from external EEPROM 48K bytes
Data RAM
8K bytes
GateKill latency (digital filtered)
2 μsec
PWM carrier frequency counter
16 bits/ SYSCLK
A/D input channels
A/D converter resolution
12 bits
A/D converter conversion speed
2 μsec
8051 instruction execution speed
Analog output (PWM) resolution
8 bits
UART baud rate (typ)
57.6K bps
Number of I/O (max)
Package (lead-free)
IRMCF371 is a high performance RAM based motion control IC designed primarily for appliance applications. IRMCF371 is
designed to achieve low cost and high performance control solutions for advanced inverterized appliance motor control.
IRMCF371 contains two computation engines. One is Motion Control Engine (MCETM) for sensorless control of permanent
magnet motors; the other is an 8-bit high-speed microcontroller (8051). Both computation engines are integrated into one
monolithic chip. The MCETM contains a collection of control elements such as Proportional plus Integral, Vector rotator, Angle
estimator, Multiply/Divide, Low loss SVPWM, Single Shunt IFB. The user can program a motion control algorithm by
connecting these control elements using a graphic compiler. Key components of the sensorless control algorithms, such as the
Angle Estimator, are provided as complete pre-defined control blocks implemented in hardware. A unique analog/digital circuit
and algorithm to fully support single shunt current reconstruction is also provided. The 8051 microcontroller performs 2-cycle
instruction execution (60MIPS at 120MHz). The MCE and 8051 microcontroller are connected via dual port RAM to process
signal monitoring and command input. An advanced graphic compiler for the MCETM is seamlessly integrated into the
MATLAB/Simulink environment, while third party JTAG based emulator tools are supported for 8051 developments. IRMCF371
comes with a small QFP48 pin lead-free package.
This document is the property of International Rectifier and may not be copied or distributed without expressed consent.

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RMCF371 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
1 Overview
IRMCF371 is a new International Rectifier integrated circuit device primarily designed as a one-
chip solution for complete inverter controlled appliance motor control applications. Unlike a
traditional microcontroller or DSP, the IRMCF371 provides a built-in closed loop sensorless
control algorithm using the unique Motion Control Engine (MCETM) for permanent magnet motors.
The MCETM consists of a collection of control elements, motion peripherals, a dedicated motion
control sequencer and dual port RAM to map internal signal nodes. IRMCF371 also employs a
unique single shunt current reconstruction circuit to eliminate additional analog/digital circuitry and
enables a direct shunt resistor interface to the IC. Motion control programming is achieved using
a dedicated graphical compiler integrated into the MATLAB/SimulinkTM development environment.
Sequencing, user interface, host communication, and upper layer control tasks can be
implemented in the 8051 high-speed 8-bit microcontroller. The 8051 microcontroller is equipped
with a JTAG port to facilitate emulation and debugging tools. Figure 1 shows a typical application
schematic using the IRMCF371.
IRMCF371 is intended for development purpose and contains 48K bytes of RAM, which can be
loaded from external EEPROM for 8051 program execution. For high volume production,
IRMCK371 contains OTP ROM in place of program RAM to reduce the cost. Both IRMCF371 and
IRMCK371 come in the same 48-pin QFP package with identical pin configuration to facilitate PC
board layout and transition to mass production
Figure 1. Typical Application Block Diagram Using IRMCF371
This document is the property of International Rectifier and may not be copied or distributed without expressed consent.

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RMCF371 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
2 IRMCF371 Block Diagram and Main Functions
IRMCF371 block diagram is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2. IRMCF371 Internal Block Diagram
IRMCF371 contains the following functions for sensorless AC motor control applications:
Motion Control Engine (MCETM)
o Proportional plus Integral block
o Low pass filter
o Differentiator and lag (high pass filter)
o Ramp
o Limit
o Angle estimate (sensorless control)
o Inverse Clark transformation
o Vector rotator
o Bit latch
o Peak detect
This document is the property of International Rectifier and may not be copied or distributed without expressed consent.

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