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Спецификация MPC563 изготовлена ​​​​«Motorola Semiconductors» и имеет функцию, называемую «(MPC562 / MPC563 / MPC564) RISC MCU Including Peripheral Pin Multiplexing with Flash and Code Compression Options».

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Номер произв MPC563
Описание (MPC562 / MPC563 / MPC564) RISC MCU Including Peripheral Pin Multiplexing with Flash and Code Compression Options
Производители Motorola Semiconductors
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MPC563 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Rev. 1, December 2001
Product Brief
MPC561/MPC562 / MPC563/MPC564 RISC MCU
Including Peripheral Pin Multiplexing with
Flash and Code Compression Options
The MPC561/MPC562 / MPC563/MPC564 are members of the Motorola MPC500 RISC Microcontroller
family. As shown in the block diagram, they are composed of:
• High performance CPU system
— High performance core
• Single issue integer core
• Compatible with PowerPC instruction set architecture
• Precise exception model
• Floating point
• Extensive system development support
— On-chip watchpoints and breakpoints
— Program flow tracking
— Background debug mode (BDM)
— IEEE-ISTO Nexus 5001-1999 Class 3 Debug Interface
— MPC500 system interface (USIU, BBC, L2U)
— Fully static design
— Four major power saving modes
• On, doze, sleep, deep-sleep and power-down
— 32-Kbyte static RAM (CALRAM)
— 512-Kbyte flash (UC3F) on MPC563/MPC564
— General-purpose I/O support
• On address (24) and data (32) pins
• 16 GPIO in MIOS14
• Many peripheral pins can be used as GPIO when not used as primary functions
• 2.6-V outputs on external bus pins
• PPM (peripheral pin multiplexing with parallel-to-serial driver) module
• Available in package or die
— Plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packaging
Key Feature Details
MPC500 System Interface (USIU)
• System configuration and protection features:
— Periodic-interrupt timer
— Bus monitor
— Software watchdog timer
— Real-time clock (RTC)
This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and
information herein are subject to change without notice.
© MOTOROLA 2001, All Rights Reserved

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MPC563 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
— Decrementer
— Time base
• Clock synthesizer
• Power management
• Reset controller
• External bus interface that tolerates 5-V inputs, provides 2.6-V outputs and supports multiple-mas-
ter designs
• Enhanced interrupt controller that supports up to eight external and 40 internal interrupts, simpli-
fies the interrupt structure and decreases interrupt processing time
• USIU supports dual mapping to map part of one internal/external memory to another external
• USIU supports dual mapping of flash on MPC563 and MPC564 to move part of internal flash mem-
ory to external bus for development
• External bus, supporting non-wraparound burst for instruction fetches, with up to 8 instructions per
memory cycle
Burst Buffer Controller (BBC) Module
• Support for enhanced interrupt controller (EIC)
• Support for enhanced exception table relocation feature
• Branch target buffer
• Contains 2-Kbytes of decompression RAM (DECRAM) for code compression. This RAM may also
be used as general-purpose RAM when code compression feature not used.
Flexible Memory Protection Unit
• Flexible memory protection units (MPU) in BBC and L2U
• Default attributes available in one global entry
• Attribute support for speculative accesses
• Up to eight memory regions are supported, four for data and four for instructions
Memory Controller
• Four flexible chip selects via memory controller
• 24-bit address and 32-bit data buses
• 4-Kbyte to one 16-Mbyte (data) or four-Gbyte (instruction) region size support
• Supports enhanced external burst
• Up to eight-beat transfer bursts, two-clock minimum bus transactions
• Use with SRAM, EPROM, flash and other peripherals
• Byte selects or write enables
• 32-bit address decodes with bit masks
• Four regions
512-Kbytes of CDR3 Flash EEPROM Memory (UC3F) – MPC563 Only
• One 512-Kbyte module
• Page read mode
• Block (64 Kbytes) erasable
• External 4.75- to 5.25-V VFLASH power supply for program, erase, and read operations
32-Kbyte static RAM (CALRAM)
• Composed of one 32-Kbyte CALRAM module
— 28-Kbyte static RAM
— 4-Kbyte calibration (overlay) RAM feature that allows calibration of flash-based constants
• Eight 512-byte overlay regions
• One clock fast accesses
• Two-clock cycle access option for power saving
• Keep-alive power (VDDSRAM) for data retention

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MPC563 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
General-Purpose I/O Support
• 24 Address pins and 32 data pins can be used for general-purpose I/O in single-chip mode
• 16 GPIO in MIOS14
• Many peripheral pins can be used as GPIO when not used as primary functions
• 2.6-V outputs on external bus pins
• 5-V outputs with slew rate control
NEXUS Debug Port (Class 3)
• Compliant with Class 3 of the IEEE-ISTO Nexus 5001-1999
• Program trace via branch trace messaging (BTM)
• Data trace via data write messaging (DWM) and data read messaging (DRM)
• Ownership trace via ownership trace messaging (OTM)
• Run-time access to on-chip memory map and MPC5xx special purpose registers (SPRs) via the
READI read/write access protocol
• Watchpoint messaging via the auxiliary port
• Reduced-port mode (1 MDI, 2 MDO) or full-port mode (2 MDI. 8 MDO)
• All features configurable and controllable via the auxiliary port
• Security features for production environment
• Supports the RCPU debug mode via the auxiliary port
• READI module can be reset independent of system reset
Integrated I/O System
Two Time Processor Units (TPU3)
• True 5-V I/O
• Two time processing units (TPU3) with16 channels each
• Each TPU3 is a micro-coded timer subsystem
• Eight-Kbytes of dual port TPU RAM (DPTRAM) shared by two TPU3 modules for TPU micro-code
22-Channel Modular I/O System (MIOS14)
• Six modulus counter sub-modules (MCSM)
• 10 double-action sub-modules (DASM)
• 12 dedicated PWM sub-modules (PWMSM)
• One MIOS14 16-bit parallel port I/O sub-modules (MPIOSM)
Two Enhanced Queued Analog-to-Digital Converter Modules (QADC64E)
• Two queued analog-to-digital converter modules (QADC64_A, QADC64_B) providing a total of 32
analog channels
• 16 analog input channels on each QADC64E module using internal multiplexing
• Directly supports up to four external multiplexers
• Up to 41 total input channels on the two QADC64E modules with external multiplexing
• Software configurable to operate in Enhanced or Legacy (MPC555 compatible) mode
• Unused analog channels can be used as digital input/output pins
— GPIO on all channels in Enhanced mode
• 10-bit A/D converter with internal sample/hold
• Typical conversion time of less than 5 µs (>200 K samples/second)
• Two conversion command queues of variable length
• Automated queue modes initiated by:
— External edge trigger
— Software command
— Periodic/interval timer within QADC64E module, that can be assigned to both queue 1 and 2
— External Gated trigger (queue 1only)
• 64 result registers
— Output data is right- or left-justified, signed or unsigned

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