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Спецификация LC83025 изготовлена ​​​​«Sanyo Semicon Device» и имеет функцию, называемую «Digital Signal Processor for Karaoke Products».

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Номер произв LC83025
Описание Digital Signal Processor for Karaoke Products
Производители Sanyo Semicon Device
логотип Sanyo Semicon Device логотип 

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LC83025 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Ordering number : EN4977A
Digital Signal Processor
for Karaoke Products
The LC83025E is a special-purpose karaoke DSP that
implements the signal processing required by karaoke
systems, including pitch shift, microphone echo, voice
muting and simple surround, with only a single 256Kb
external DRAM. Since the LC83025E includes built-in
A/D and D/A converters, it can also handle analog inputs
and outputs in addition to digital inputs and outputs. The
LC83025E uses serial transfer of coefficient data from a
microcontroller to handle changes in functions and
characteristics required for each application.
• Applications
— Pitch shift
The LC83025E can shift the music pitch or the
microphone pitch by ±15 steps in 1/4 interval steps,
or ±1 octave in scale tone steps according to
command data sent from the microcontroller.
Furthermore, the pitch can be changed up to ±1
octave in arbitrary steps by setting internal
— Microphone echo
The LC83025E implements echo processing for the
signal input from the microphone A/D converter.
The amount of echo, the delay time and other
parameters can be changed by setting coefficients.
— Voice mute
The LC83025E implements processing that removes
monaural signal components included in the music
signal. This allows CDs with vocals to be used as
karaoke CDs. Command data is used to turn the
voice mute function on or off.
— Simple surround
The LC83025E implements a simple surround
function by adding delayed components to the music
signal. The LC83025E includes six sets of simple
surround coefficients as built-in preset data. These
values can be switched by sending command data.
Applications can implement their own original
surround effects by setting the coefficients.
However, the algorithm itself is fixed.
— Flexible input mixing
The LC83025E supports hybrid mixing of digital
and analog left and right channel song inputs, and
thus can handle a wide range of disk processing
• Audio inputs and outputs
— Inputs: Digital - One system (stereo)
A/D converter - Three channels
— Outputs: Digital - One system (stereo)
D/A converter - Two channels
— A/D converter
Second order ∆∑ modulation - Three channels
— D/A converter
4× oversampling digital filters
plus second order noise shaper
plus 5-bit PWM system - Two channels
• Master clock: 768 fs
• External memory: Up to two 256K (64K × 4-bit)
DRAMs can be used
• Microcontroller input: Synchronous 8-bit serial data
• Supply voltage: 5 V single-voltage
• Package: QFP80E
Package Dimensions
unit: mm
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Semiconductor Bussiness Headquarters
TOKYO OFFICE Tokyo Bldg., 1-10, 1 Chome, Ueno, Taito-ku, TOKYO, 110 JAPAN
62896HA (OT)/63095HA (OT) No. 4977-1/15

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LC83025 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Pin Assignment
No. 4977-2/15

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LC83025 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Block Diagram
Signal Flow Overview
No. 4977-3/15

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Sanyo Semicon Device
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Sanyo Semicon Device

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